It was crunch time
for ordinary crackers.

Three Kii Naturals product lines – Organic, Signature, and Mini Artisan Snack Crisps – all use the finest quality natural ingredients. They cover all your charcuterie, snacking and entertaining requirements. Oh and did we mention they’re downright delicious?

Our Kii Naturals artisan crisps combine authentic and wholesome ingredients, carefully hand-crafted in small batches. Double-baked for a delicious, satisfying crunch, each artisan crisp holds a delightful burst of flavorful grains, fruit, nuts, or seeds. No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and zero grams trans… nothing but nature! Ideal for year-round entertaining or anytime snacking, our artisan crisps are perfect for charcuterie boards and sharing with friends. Authentic ingredients, naturally.

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