About Us

About Us

Our Kii Naturals artisan crisp combine authentic and wholesome ingredients, carefully hand-crafted in small batches. Double-baked for a delicious, satisfying crunch, each artisan crisp holds a delightful burst of flavorful grains, fruit, nuts, or seeds. No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and zero grams trans fat… nothing but nature! Ideal for year-round entertaining or anytime snacking, our artisan crisps are perfect for when you want to make a charcuterie board and share with friends.

More Goodness from the NuStef Baking Family
Our partner brand, Reko®, is all about authenticity and craftmanship with its legendary pizzelle waffle cookie.  Light, crispy, and Addictively Delicious!™, flavor combinations, infusions and innovation keep it current. These low calorie indulgences, without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, are proudly baked in a peanut free facility and are just some of the attributes you can expect.

A Worldly Crunch

We are perfectionists! Since our very beginning, we have searched the globe for the finest ingredients to infuse into our crisps. We double bake our artisan crisps in small batches for a quality crunch you’ll want to reach for again and again. Feel free to take your palate to unexpected places.  Hand-crafted with fruit, nuts, and seeds from over twenty countries, our elevated crisps with unique flavor combinations will excite you!

Keeping It Real

We give it to you straight and we’re never boring! Our great taste makes your anytime snacking delightful. With every bite you taste nothing but nature®, pure ingredients from authentic trustworthy suppliers. That’s just our commitment.  We are constantly innovating, testing, and seeking superior flavors for our next artisan crisp combination. With Kii Naturals™, there’s always more to come.

Crisps Without Limits

We push the boundaries! So you ask yourself, “how do I enjoy these crisps?” The answer is imagination — it’s totally up to you! Even though we’re partial to cured meats, creamy cheeses, honey, and spicy jams – that may not be your thing. Our crisps are bursting with quality, better-for-you ingredients, so an adventure is a bite away. Whether straight out of the box, part of your breakfast or a side dish, just swing open your fridge, explore, and share! These crisps aren’t going to hold you back.