About Us

À Propos

kii – noun: The positive life force energy found to be inherent in all things.

The closer something is to its natural state, the more ‘kii’ remains intact. Therefore, the less processed our food is and the fresher the ingredients are, the more kii remains when we eat it. This transfers to a higher quality nutritional intake while creating lasting energy in our bodies.

The Kii Difference

Kii Naturals is the result of years spent meeting and forging relationships with local farmers from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. From this we have learned that the most authentic and flavourful fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and spices come from the orchards and fields where they naturally grow. Many of these farmers continue to provide Kii Naturals with the world’s finest ingredients, which are used every day to make our products.

Our Commitment

Kii Naturals Inc. started with a very personal vision of what the company needed to be. Our goal is to unearth the finest ingredients from around the globe and offer them to you in a unique artisanal product.

For most, it’s a fast-paced lifestyle and often difficult to make smart food choices every day. We understand and live those challenges too. This is why we are committed to providing simple ingredients in our products so that you can easily sustain a healthy life balance.

Kii Quality

Our windmill icon is a nod to a simpler time when food production just stood for “milling”. We strive to preserve the natural “goodness” by minimizing any processing.

That is why we:

  • source the finest ingredients from 40 different countries
  • have strong personal relationships with growers, farmers and exporters
  • invest in our state of the art bakehouse
  • continuously research & innovate

Ultimately, we believe that the better quality that a food maintains, the greater the Kii is.